Signet Ring Cell Cancer

When Michael was diagnosed we knew very little about his type of cancer and entrusted the doctors knowledge. The facts below have been collected after our experience and through our own research.

Symptoms of signet ring cell cancer carcinoma include constipation, change in bowel habits, weight loss and abdominal pain.

Less than 1% of colon tumors are diagnosed as signet ring cell cancer of the colon.

Due to the flatness of the tumors in signet ring cell cancer, it is very rare that it would be detected by a CT or PET scan.

Once signet ring cell cancer spreads to the exterior of the organs, it is called carcinomatosis (A condition in which cancer is spread widely throughout the body, or, in some cases, to a relatively large region of the body. Also called carcinosis).

By the time signet ring cell cancer is diagnosed it is in the late stages.

After signet ring cell cancer is discovered, the average life expectancy is 20-45 months.

Colon cancer usually infiltrates to the lungs or liver after discovered. Signet ring cell cancer operates in a different manner than other colorectal cancers because it moves to the outside of your organs (more specifically your peritoneum).

Signet ring cell cancers grows faster than any other colon cancer.

One type of chemotherapy treatment used for signet ring cell cancer currently is called FOLFOX. Most people are hospitalized or the chemo doses are cut short due to the strong side effects of the chemotherapy.

In multiple studies, it has shown that chemotherapy does nothing for this type of cancer.